As we look forward to the year ahead a brief look back is in order.
From our humble beginnings as Hermes Travel & Tours the morning sun shined brightly, warming our souls as we ventured together to explore the globe and grow.
Essential Travel and Tours offered a new perspective and renewed energy as we basked in the glow of the mid-day sun knowing that another transition would come in time.
Now as we prepare for the glorious sunset that awaits, we can’t express in words just how much every one of you have meant to us. You are more than clients, you have become friends. We are so appreciative of your continued support as we yearn to travel the world to discover new landscapes, understand new communities and experience new cultures.

We – Steve, Kambiz and Tina – wish for you and yours the Happiest of Holidays and A Great New Year!
Please plan to join us for another tour that we have planned for you in the coming year.

  • Vibrant Sri Lanka – February 27 – March 12. Here is a new adventure for Essential Travel and Tours. Sri Lanka is becoming a very popular tour for those of us who desire a new and different destination with that exotic edge. $3,868.00 +tax
  • April in Paris – April 12 – 20. Steve loves guiding everyone through this enchanting city. $2,320.00 +tax – Sorry, this beautiful trip is full.
  • Essential Italy – June 26 – July 5. Here is the journey to Italy for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure to visit this country that has something for everyone.
  • It covers the basics – Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan plus a few other places that one must see while in Italy.  $3,887+tax
  • Greece – May 11 – 24. This is a beautiful trip to a country that has it all – ancient ruins, food, islands, culture and a love of life that will entertain you throughout this captivating journey.  $4,780.00 + tax
  • Kenya – August 6 – 19.   This is one of Essential Travel’s most popular tour. In fact, this tour is almost full. Kenya, Africa is one of the best places on earth to see more animals than any other African country; plus, we will be there for the Great Migration! If you haven’t joined us for a tour to Kenya, now is your chance. $5,840+tax
  • A Taste of Spain – September 14 – 25. If you enjoy wine, good food and a playful adventure into one of Europe’s favorite escape, by all means come to Spain at the best time of the year for wonderful weather and indulgent festivals. $3890 + tax