Tina Tsai

Tina has worked for many large international travel companies during her career but prefers Essential Travel and Tours because here she can develop a personal relationship with each client by providing the very best service from her heart. Tina has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years.

Her passion for art and travel has taken her to many exciting destinations around the world. When she is not arranging the next exciting tour for her clients you can find her traveling the world scouting new adventures and making new friends to insure each tour is not only memorable but also safe and secure.


Steve Dexter

Steve loves to travel. He says, “The ultimate party is traveling with his friends to distant parts of the world.”

Steve has been leading groups around the world for 30 years. He has taken over 35 groups to 42 different countries. His wife Diane sometimes joins him on his journeys.

“I’m a travel fanatic”, Steve boasts. “I love adventure and I want to share it with everyone”.


Kambiz Amirshahi

Kambiz was persuaded by his father to travel when he was 14 years old, so it was not unfamiliar when he moved to the south of England in 1972 and as student traveled all over Europe.

From 1977 to 1980 working in the United Nations gave him the possibility to continue traveling. In 1980 he moved to France and entered the travel business.

From 1994 – 1996 he lived in two cities, Paris and Los Angeles, where he imparted his travel knowledge to his loyal clients in a travel agency in Torrance, California.  Kambiz’ knowledge of the cities and countries of the world is amazing.